Lecture «Human rights and freedoms — the left and right defenders» will held 28.05.16

The public lecture  «Human rights and freedoms — the left and right defenders» of the  «Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights» with the support of «Russian Transhumanist Movement» will held in Moscow 28 May 2016 at 15.00 Moscow times, the lecturer is the lawyer and human rights defender Maria Bast.
The lecture contains three main sub-themes:
1. «Human Rights», dedicated to the basic human rights and freedoms. Will raised questions: What are the human rights? What is the identity? What the different  between individual and person? Recognition of the subject of the rights and freedoms of person — at what point? The nature of the rights and freedoms of the individual and the person. What’s the difference?

2. «What is the difference between the left and right human rights defenders?».  Maria Bast  will pay attention to the international human rights movement as a left locomotive of the human rights movement in the world. The questions, which will be raised: What is the difference between left and right movement for human rights ? Why the left human rights defenders recognize the rights and freedoms to a greater extent than the right human right defenders, and what rights and freedoms? Why do human rights defenders focus attention on the human, not the person? The history of the left human rights movement. The international human rights movement as the left engine of the human rights movement in the world. Why is the right human rights defenders are dominated in Russia, despite the international trend to the left? What are the consequences and how it affects the human rights situation in Russia and in the world? Who and how is counteract to recognizing of the rights and freedoms of the left human rights movement in the world?
3. «Transhumanism and technocommunism»: The problem of transhumanism in left movement in the humanitarian sphere. The omission of the transhumanism in the humanitarian sphere, and its implications. Why technocommunism reflects the greatest breadth and depth of human rights and freedoms, democracy and humanism? What are the rights and freedoms recognized by technocommunists? The wider and deeper than they are compared to recognize the rights of human rights defenders and officially recognized? Why is inevitable and victory of the technocommunism and victory of the technocommunistic concept of rights and freedoms? The prospect of a humanitarian branch transhumanist movement as the transhumanism base. The role and place of the technocommunism in the transhumanist movement.
Teсhnofashiсm, teсhnoliberalism on background of the inevitability of technocommunism . Why not come true the predictions of Francis Fukuyama? Religious fundamentalism. The political system, the foundations of democracy, separation of powers, checks and balances in technocommunicme. Why the technocommunism highest degree of development of democracy and respect for human rights and freedoms? Technocommunism as the locomotive of the left movement?
The lecture will be read in Russian, translated for English-speaking audience will be executed by simultaneous interpreter.
The lecture will be demonstrated in the on-line broadcast on several channels, links to which are freely available May 28, 2016.
The lase of the lecture will be notified foe the pre-registered persons and the media, which confirmed the accreditation.
To participate in the lecture you must pre-register in any convenient way:
— Send e-mail, which specify the name, movement or organization to which you belong, rusadvocate@inbox.ru
— Call and ask you to register to attend the lecture, stating their name, a movement or organization to which you belong + 7495968 30 44, + 13 7915337 75
Accreditation for press: + 7915337 13 75, + 30 7495968 44 + 7495922 85 34, press secretary Julia Arkhipova
For the mass media:  necessary to specify a list of equipment if you intend to carry video and photography, the admission by the editorial passes.

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