Technocommunism is the socio-economic and political formation, the highest level of human development, the achievement of singularity. The highest degree of liberalism and the highest in the broadest sense, true freedom of each individual, each human. All the achievements of science and technology available to each individual, and are in the interest and for the benefit of each individual, the realization of their rights and freedoms. Self-organization and management are based on the most advanced achievements of democracy, humanism, respect for and development of human rights and freedoms, when are prohibited to create and use scientific and technological progress with the goal to prejudice the rights and freedoms of the individual, in violation of the principles of self-organization and democracy.

Technocommunism is the formation, where the highest value is the rights and freedoms of identity in the best and broadest sense. This is formation, where decisions are taken in the interests of each person, in the interests of their rights and freedoms, as well as on scientific principles and best practices. The purpose of the Technocommunism — the freedom of each human.

Technocommunism is the freedom, justice, and scientific and technological progress available to each person. Technocommunism is the multi-planetary civilization. Technocommunism is the lack of poverty and exploitation. This robotic world, the world of artificial intelligence, the world of development and improvement of the human intellect, the world of superior human abilities. The world where people do not perform physical labor, where the physical work is performed by machines. The world where human is not tied to his biological body. Where a person becomes the base of respect for the rights and freedoms, where the human has the opportunity to choose the form of his life and its duration, including and the right to an unlimited lifespan, and this right is inherent and no one can not be restricted — is freedom and the right of the human.

Personality is not only the human person, it is the intelligence that has all the characteristics of the person, such as artificial intelligence.

Technocommunism is prohibit all kind of discrimination against any person.

Technocommunism does not have any shortage of any resources. The human has free access to all the resources. No need for commodity-money relations and exchanges. Technocommunism is the society, where each person is free to choose the type of activity and realise himself in accordance with their wishes and abilities, laid down by nature. Technocommunism is the society of creators, Technocommunism is the society of altruists. Technocommunism is the society of high scientific progress, in the highest degree humanistic.
It is the world without borders, without ethnic, tolerant world, integrated, scientific, atheistic, multi-planetary, progressive, automated.

In current time the world is divided on the basis of inequality in the level of development, where the states, which are on a higher stage of development, just exploit the country with the lowest level of development, that leads to conflicts of various kinds, from the inter-religious, tribal and ethnic, to conflict between major states of operation resources, military, economic and political control.

The poverty, terrorism, famine, refugee flows, lack of infrastructure and basic achievements of civilization, corruption, religious fundamentalism, patriarchy in some parts of the small planet, while at the same time of luxury and cult consumption and space exploration — in other parts of our world. All accompanied by the dominance of irrational approach in manage the society and the government, the economy. As a result, the world is divided on the level of primitive society (Africa, South America, North Siberia, part of the Far East), the barbarians (LIH, the Taliban, Somalia) Feudal (Arab countries, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Russia — the North Caucasus Bashkortostan Tatarstan, Central Asia) — all of these areas are characterized by totalitarianism and dictatorship, peripheral capitalism — all Russia than the above regions, Ukraine, Georgia, Latin America, Kyrgyzstan, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Southeastern Europe.

Capitalism — Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Turkey, China, South Africa, for these all of these areas is characterized by authoritarianism. Social liberalism: the United States, Greece, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand — the transition to democracy. Coming to socialism (Finland, Switzerland), Democracy.
As a result of such an irrational policy, the world is losing the billions of people as the untapped potential of the human, resulting in billions of people do not use their abilities for the development of the whole of humanity, as a result, billions of people can not be realized as an individual and do not invest and do not develop their creative potential. The tragedy. War, hunger and poverty. The personal human potential, his creativity is lost and unfulfilled. Tragedy. As a result — the slowdown and a serious backlog of mankind in the scientific and technical progress in the humanitarian sphere, the development of the political system and society.

The Technocommunists offer to solve all these problems, and put an end to the irrationality that accompanies the world since the days of the wild — an irrational person. To leave the irrational level and become rational human. Only use the accumulated experience and expertise, using a rational, scientific approach from the humanities to the point, humanity will be able to get out of the enormous inequality, poverty, hunger, war, and begin to gradually increase its capacity and development to the level of technocommunism and the singularity of humanity. Technocommunists believe that humanity is now enough accumulated the scientific knowledge, has enough technology, starting with the point information and other sciences, humanities ending to finally get away from the chaotic way of to the rational.

If the 20th century is the century of attempts at understanding and finding ways of building socialism, then the 21st century is the century of the conscious of socialism and the transition is not a simple little idea and utopian at the level of 20th century communism, and by the well-perceived and grown up communistic formation of the 21st century — formation of Technocommunism, one kind of transition through the restoration of the Soviet Union from communism to Technocommunism and achievement is not just abstract futur, but the real future — the singularity of all humanity.

Technocommunism is not just a theory, but it is the formation, which based on the most advanced scientific research and data, the new ideology of socialism — Erich Fromm, Michio Kaku, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Alexander Tarasov and others.
It is may be well illustrates through the quote by  Erich Fromm:
«Socialism was hoping for a gradual withering away of the state, so that the control will only need to things, not people. His goal was a classless society in which the individual will return freedom and initiative. In the XIX century and the beginning of the First World War, socialism was the most important humanistic and spiritual movement in Europe and America. What happened to socialism? He yielded to the spirit of capitalism, replacing that wanted to come. Rather than see it as a movement for human emancipation, and many supporters and opponents of socialism began to see in him only a movement for improving the economic situation of the working class. Humanistic aims of socialism have been forgotten or become recognized only in words but in deeds, as well as under capitalism, the whole emphasis was on achieving economic benefits. How democratic ideals have lost their spiritual roots and socialism lost its deepest foundations — prophetic-messianic belief in peace, justice, brotherhood of man. Since socialism has become a means of winning the workers of their place within the capitalist structure in place to lead beyond; rather than to change capitalism, socialism was absorbed by its spirit. The decline of the socialist movement was complete when in 1914 its leaders refused to international solidarity and preferred economic and military interests of their own internationalism and world countries, recorded in their program, «the source — Erich Fromm» On disobedience and other essays. »

Technocommunists consider, that the main mistake of the Soviet Union was the departure from the primary objective of socialism — a free person, ie, instead of stimulating initiative and personal growth of the USSR chose the way of the subordination of the individual that was no different from the policy of Tsarist Russia, and that resulted in all the successes of the USSR in its backlog and the restoration of the old pre-revolutionary order, before Peter the Great-like way with oppressive manifestations of the Golden Horde period. Technocommunists consider that it is in general affected the position of the left in Russia, the theoretical level of the school and the development of social relations, which have remained at the level of the 19th century, or rolled up to this level.

In current time, due to a retardation of the left movement the left wing is on the level before the self-organization, when they are unable to organize themselves because of their level of socio-political institutions. By the level of the development the left do not realize their own freedom of the individual, which in turn leads to a lack of desire left to fight for their rights and freedom, for the freedom of the individual. Only people who have realized their freedom and of themselves as individuals, only free people can unite.

In this regard, an independent left-wing agenda is just the discussion in social networks, they discuss how they may to punish the disenfranchised citizens.
Thus, on the one hand there is the Stalinists, who have nothing to do with the idea of the left due to the denial of individual freedom, and on the other hand — the Social Democrats, who admire the policy of US imperialism, which again goes against the left idea.

The quasi left trying to attribute themselves to the left — Communist Party, soviet techno-Communists, techno-fascists, shovels, all kinds of reactionary fascist organizations, the Imperials, the clerics, — all who in their slogans openly calling for discrimination, persecution of people based on ethnicity, physical differences, gender, sexual orientation, property status, which eliminates them as belonging to the left idea.
However, leaching gap where industrialization has passed, is faster than, for example, in third world countries. Despite the fact that Russia is a country of peripheral capitalism, ie, due to its border position between the capitalist countries and countries where there is still feudalism, Russia has a chance, as the history of the USSR, to make a breakthrough in the development, bridge the gap and reach the leading position. But under one condition — if Russia goes to the left of the formation of development and take a course to build a socialist model of society, first of all — Russia should withdraw from their own backward formations, go to a higher level — to create a new Soviet Union, then it is necessary to conduct incremental reform — social liberalism, socialism and Technocommunism combining eventually all of humanity.