Technocommunistic party

Technocommunistic party is the political institution of civil society, which aims to achieve technocommunistic ideas, the promotion of these ideas, both at the level of society and of the state.

Technocommunistic party is a new party, the party, where at the forefront of a whole new ideas of 21-25 centuries, which already knocking at the door in all corners of the Earth, carrying the offensive for a new type of all humanity, the inevitable arrival of technocommunism to replace capitalism.
Russia is the participant of the world’s human processes, and inevitably goes to technocommunistic formation. Moreover, in the 20th century Russia took the first timid steps in this direction, therefore, remained strong potential, will and aspiration for development. All of us, we are the children of the USSR, the children of the 20th century, our ancestors opened us the way to technology and conquer the stars.

The way to the stars at the end of the 20th century — beginning of the 21st century proved thorns. We were warned by our ancestors about these thorns, that we still have to go through a restoration of the old order, and it is an inevitable historical period of awareness of past mistakes, reassessment of values and benchmarks, in order to feel the greatness, the power of future achievements, build a more perfect model of society and to direct their attention to the future, to the stars and super technologies, which said the fantasts and scientists.

Our well-being and the future is directly dependent on how much we are all included in the policy and how much of us will be included.

Do you want the new Soviet Union, want space, want to live rich, do not get sick, want happiness, peace and goodness, justice and freedom? It is all in our hands!