19 May Technocommunistic Party will hold the action «Happy Birthday Republic of England»

As the activists of The Technocommunistic Party said, 19 May 2016 they will hold the pickets in the connection with the day of the proclamation of the Republic of England 19 May 1649. The action «Happy Birthday Republic of England!» will start at 17.00Moscow times in front of the building of the British Embassy in Moscow, Smolenskaya embankment, building 10.
The main slogans of the action of the «Technocommunistic Party» : «The monarchy — is not democracy!», «The Queen –is  not the president!», «Happy Birthday, Republic of England!».
The activists of Technocommunistic Party reminded, that 19 May 1649 the Parliament officially adopted the «Act declaring England a republic», which proclaimed that the country is governed by Parliament and appointed by their officials.

The activists of the of Technocommunistic Party also reminded, that the monarchy is one of the most primitive forms of political structure of the state. Once the officials have decided that they do not want to give up power and want to rule forever, and would like to transfer power by inheritance to their children and other relatives. This form of government is a usurpation of power and bureaucratic racism, and divides people into non-existent in the nature of class and classes, where the principal is not a person but a genetic affiliation to a particular class, such as monarchs. Any kind of attempt to justify the monarchy is just the attempts to hold power through genetic monarchs belonging to the bureaucratic class, supported the usurpation of power, which is unacceptable from the point of view of observance of human rights and freedoms, democracy and the rule of law.
All kinds of attempts to limit the monarchy — it is only an attempt to limit the bureaucratic racism and usurpation of power, but not eliminate them.
The monarchy must be completely abolished, as it represents the most primitive form of government — a dictatorship, represents discrimination, inequality, racism, Nazism, the suppression of the individual, human rights and freedoms, the suppression of democracy. Much more, the limited monarchy there is also live on taxpayers’ money, but the people in these countries, even formally, is the only the object of law, not the subject, only the patrial and not a citizen.
The monarchy — is a threat to democracy, humanism, for individual rights and freedoms, it stimulates the discrimination, class division, inequality, promotes racism, Nazism, poverty and imperialism.
The Republic of England was the driving force of development of democracy and gave impetus to the transition from the feudal to the republican form of the device, including, along with the proclamation of the republics and the Bill of Rights, which proclaimed the supreme value of human rights and freedoms. Republic of England proved that the monarchy is not eternal, and it will be replaced by a republic.

As a pioneer the Republic of England was faced with an aggressive attack and the isolation by the monarchs in Europe, who saw the enemy in the young republic, the threat to their power, and to make every effort to destroy the republic, that the peoples of Europe forgot about freedom, forgot that they may be free. This has caused the need to establish the dictatorship, but in the conditions of unequal forces the republic fell down under the onslaught of the monarchs, who threw all their resources for the restoration of the old form of government, which is still ongoing. This led to British imperialism, colonial conquests of other countries, the destruction of many people, the colonial control of a large part of the world, which continues to this day, despite the declared rejection of colonial policy.
The British monarchy continues to live at the expense of exploitation of impoverished people around the world, reallocating resources in favor of the metropolis monarchy. The English monarchy actively acts against the republican form of government in the world supports the monarchical dynasty in the world, feeds nationalism — all support the monarchy, is actively interfering in the internal political life of the country, promoting the idea of monarchy. This can be seen in the example of Russia, the countries of Europe, it is the English monarchy advocated a staunch opponent of the Soviet Union and strongly supported White monarchist movement, and still maintains, thereby continuing to distribute British imperialism throughout the world.

The main threat to the monarchy — all kinds of left movements and policies, because only left say about the elimination of class division and the monarchy. The theorists of the left movement — Marx, Lenin, Engels — were right in saying that socialism must be established throughout the world, and it can not be in one separate state, and it will lead to the inevitable restoration of the monarchy, as seen in the example of the Soviet Union. Socialism is inevitable, but we must take into account the errors and fix them, to achieve the elimination of the monarchy in the world, because the only way to the socialism.

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