The Activists of Technocommunistic party held the action «Happy Birthday Republic of England!»

The Technocommunistic party activists held an action «Happy Birthday Republic of England!» 19 May 2016 near the British Embassy in Moscow. The action took place in the form of single pickets.


on the photo: Maria Bast, left human rights defender, Moscow, 19 May 2016

The technocommunists one after the other came to the building of the embassy with the posters with the slogans: «The Queen — is not the president!», «Monarchy — is not democracy», «Happy Birthday Republic of England!».


Every activist of Technocommunistic party demonstrated their belonging to the party and put on a bandage sleeve with symbols of party.


As participants of the action said, police officers checked the documents of each activist and rewrote the text of congratulations and slogans on posters.


19 May 1649 The Parliament officially adopted the «Act declaring England a republic», which proclaimed that the country is governed by Parliament and appointed by their officials. For the first time in Europe, the people of England have acquired the status of citizens and their civil rights have been recognized.


The action of the Technocommunistic party timed to the proclamation of the republic of England.


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